For couples who are all about style, there’s no better time to make a statement than on your big day! One of my favorite details on a wedding day is how the bride and groom are dressed.   There are tons and tons of choices to be made and so many details to think about.  Often it seems the groom’s attire gets put off until the very last minute….but you want your man to look his best too, right?! I remember when Brent and I got married.  We wanted him to wear Grey, be comfortable and yet classy at the same time. It was so hard finding the perfect outfit!   At the time (4 years ago), skinny ties were pretty popular, but Im happy to say that now, anything goes.  Its is all about you, your style, and adding color if needed.  Here’s to hoping that you get inspired and feel your best on your wedding day- or perhaps any other special day coming up.   Here are a few of my favorite bouts and bow ties…and of course my favorite groom. 

Once you have the shirt and suit picked out, the fun begins as you search for your perfect accessory . Thanks to creative etsy sellers and whimsical shops, there’s now an abundance of choices for your groom.  Here are e few of my favorite shops:
The Grunion Run // JB Handmades // Lolly Lu Designs

And if you decide to wear a bow tie for your big day.. hear is a easy “How to” to help along the way.

All Images were take by Brent Van Auken Photography (except for the one of us.)

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While in LA, we had the opportunity to work with Gymboree on the launch of their new line featuring “the world of Eric Carle”.  This limited line of play and sleep wear may be my new favorites for my girls and we are definitely set for fall with these adorable pieces.  This exclusive line was created to inspire kids to “play all day and dream all night”.  Made perfectly in both design and artwork. Reading to Lyla and Lucca may be one of my favorite things, so wearing the “Hungry Caterpillar” made it even better.   If your not sure who Eric Carle is, well he is the talented illustrator and author behind a series of children’s books .  Some of our favorites, are “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?”,  and “1,2,3 to the Zoo.”.. just to name a few.  What I love about the play wear pieces are not only are they so soft, which is a must for Lyla but quality in the fabric is really great!  Its still a little warm for long sleeves, but cool weather will be here before we know it.  Make sure you check out more of this line over at Gymboree!

Its been so nice to spend time with family this past week and we  head home this weekend after a wedding here in Palos Verdes.  It has been such a good trip and spent much needed quality time with family. Hope you all have a relaxing weekend. xo












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    Your girls are beautiful! Lyla is a mini-you. Love it.ReplyCancel


This one kills me lately.  She is becoming quite the entertainer and it is obvious she loves to giggle and sing. She usually isn’t a big fan of me taking her picture but with a small bribe  (yes…gum ) she was all for it.  Im hoping (and praying) the older she gets, the more she will learn to love and appreciate me capturing her… haha, we shall see…wishful thinking, I know!

Her hair is finally getting long enough for me to put it up in a top knot/ messy bun.  She loves it and the feeling of being “free”.  And anything comfy and cozy are her first choice with clothes.   Our new kid + kind shirts are amazing. Not only are they cute, they are really so cozy and soft.  Lyla really doesn’t care yet about being “girly” but opts for comfort, always.   This outfit was definitely her choice… (usually, first choice is to be naked) …but if she has to wear clothes… a tee-shirt and bloomers is her perfect pair.  I apologize for the overload of pictures but I couldn’t choose my favorite “look” of hers.  Full of personality, this one. She is so silly.

If you have never heard of Kid + Kind,  it may because they are pretty new to the world.  Jackie, a mom and designer launched Kid and Kind 3 months ago. I almost can’t believe it has only been 3 months. I was lucky enough to have stumbled across her site and loved her playful designs.  I love clothes that are unique, creative and fun and really expresses character. I mean, “Bananas” all day… yes, welcome to our life with a 15 month old and a 3 year old. It pretty much is “bananas” all day. Im not sure how mom’s of 3 or 4 do life. Life is so busy with 2 little kiddos.  Anyways, Im pretty excited about Kid + Kind and her newest pieces. If you want to check out her online shop… You can find her on Instagram and Facebook. oh.. Im hoping to get Lyla the “Happy” pullover for her upcoming birthday.

I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing Labor day. We are off to LA early tomorrow morning and Im really looking forward to spending lots of quality time with family….hope  you all enjoy your week!! xo

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Am I really a mom of a (almost) three year old? It is crazy and scary and I almost can’t believe it. I have one more month to enjoy her as my little two year old. I often look at her and listen to the things she says and does and it is almost as if “I” raised her.  How did she turn out so much like me but in a little 2 year old body.   She is independent (too independent if you ask me), she only wants to snuggle if its her idea. She is strong-willed, brave, very social, loves to “hang out”,   She isn’t scared of new things and warms up to new people pretty quickly.  She is silly and loves to sing ( not sure where that came from ) oh and she told me today that she wants to go to school. Which I loved school.. but she doesn’t know what that is except that some of her friends go there. I could have cried; as if I were dropping her off for her first day of school. Thankfully, we don’t have to do that for 2 maybe 3 years because of her birth date and the “school cut off dates”. I often think about her future… not just about what she will do for a career or who she will marry but the choices she will make. I already pray that she is more like her daddy when she enters into the “teenage” years.  I pray that I know how to steer her in the direction of making really really wise decisions.
I knew that parenthood would be hard and fun and full of blessings but I did not realize how much you need to get to know each child individually at such a young age.  I realize more and more each day how much my girls need me. When they are sad, mad, hurt, bored, hungry, tired, and especially if they just need to be held and loved.  Lyla also told me for the first time she was sad. Im not sure which cartoon she learned that from, but its starting. The realization of her own feelings and how to express them.  The “tantrums are a little less” and we can actually have real conversations.  It is  precious and I love getting to know who she is becoming.   Im so thankful that she is just turning 3…we aren’t ready for the “real world” yet and I am happy she is entertained by Strawberry shortcake and Princess Sophia, climbing trees and swimming for hours.  My little Lyla… you are such a gift. I know you wont be little forever.. but you will always be one of my babies.  You my precious are beautiful.

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If you are new here to Allthingsinspired, Welcome! You will quickly learn that Brent and I are a wedding photography (married) duo and shoot lots and lots of weddings here in California. { You can find us here }…And every once in a while I will share a picture or two here on Allthingsinspired.  I have been wanting to create a “Wedding Inspired” category, so I thought I’d start today with “the Perfect Bouquet”. If you have planned your wedding, or in the process of planning, and anything like myself… you know it is no easy task to choose the “Perfect Wedding bouquet”. Thankfully Pinterest is here to help while you scour those wedding blogs in search for the perfect bouquet. And of course, my very best advice would be … make sure you find and “book” your favorite florist months (and months) in advance.  The good ones always book up quickly. A florist will not only know how to put together your bouquet, but will know exactly what flowers are in season during the month of your wedding.  Here is a little inspiration for those of you that love Peonies along with soft touches of green, yellow and pink. This bouquet was not only beautiful but the color combo was truly perfect.

If you are looking for a florist, Here are a couple of my favorite florists.
Redding, Ca: The Floranthropist
San Diego, Ca : Siren Floral Co
Please note that all images were taking by Brent Van Auken Photography.

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