Hi and welcome to my 1st annual All Things Inspired Holiday Gift Guide!  Christmas is almost here (crazy, I know) and I thought I’d share some ideas for gift giving. Personal, thoughtful, and handmade are some of the best gifts to give & these awesome shops are just a few of my favorites. Plus they are offering discounts for all of you!  I hope you enjoy and happy shopping!

Today’s gift guide:  for all little people in your life…

1. JB Handmades:

Hi,  I’m Becca, the mom and crafter behind JBHandmades!   Welcome to my etsy shop!  Just Because Handmades is an assortment of hair pieces-for the baby girl or grown up gal.  Now creating bow ties for little boys.  I’m so happy you’re here!
Please check out my Etsy Shop & Enjoy 20% off thru Dec 1st with the code:   MERRYTHINGS .  You can also find me on Instagram @jbhandmades.


2. Little Rascals Shop
Hello! Welcome to my shop. I am a mom to 3 boys who has been inspired by them to create wild threads. I design and hand carve all of my stamps. Yup! Stamps. The designs on my tanks and tees are stamped right on them. The designs do not wash off!   Thank you for stopping by Little Rascals and Enjoy 15% off – December 15th.   Please use the code: HOLIDAY15


3. Harperlove_littles
Hi!  We are Harper Love Littles and we make cool accessories for modern babes and kiddos! Ok, we totally sell adult sizes too as requested. We are home of the modern baby snapback!  If you want to follow along please check out my shop and here @harperlove_littles

We have a special 20% off coupon this holiday season. Use coupon: HOLIDAY20

Hi there! Each & every piece in LoveJoyCreate collection is handmade from start to finish. I am inspired by the joyful colors in nature, retro patterns and my beautiful & funny girls. I believe in high-quality handcraft; all of our items have been designed to last for many years of use. I enjoy them in my home with my family & children, and want to share that same joy with you through my work. Thanks for stopping by & please enjoy 15% with the code: GIFT15 thru December 24th!

5. FreeRangeApparel
We are Free Range Apparel, a company built by two mommas who believe that life should be one part whimsy & imagination, & a two parts a dream worth chasing.

We believe children should indulge in childlike behavior… jumping in puddles, building pillow forts, & playing pretend, hence the creation of our playsuit capes. We create apparel that is unique and different, featuring local Phoenix artists, and printing on non-toxic ink. We strive to bring our quirky selves into everything we do. We sell whimsical, unique playsuit capes for toddlers ages 2-6 years, & funky fresh apparel for little ones & women, including our popular llama-ste women’s tank & toddler tee, Nap strike! Toddler’s unite, & Tangled the Elephant toddler raglan + women’s muscle tanks.

Check us out online at FreeRangeApparel.com, and on Instagram: FreeRangeApparel.   Enjoy 15% off  with  the code: HANDMADEHOLIDAY

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For the last few years we’ve spent Halloween night at our friend’s parents house. They live in a nice neighborhood and of course have the best candy. This year we did the same, and it was the first time “trick or treating” for Lyla and her friend Harper. At last minute Lyla decided to not be a fairy, but a “ballerina” instead so off she went in her tutu. Its safe to say that the first time “trick-or-treating” was a hit and after house number one, Lyla felt very comfortable knocking, ring door bells and helping herself to the basket full of candy. Thankfully, she had more fun receiving the candy and didn’t care too much about eating it all right after.
Hopefully next year Brent and I will get creative and dress up… our friends of course win best parents of the night for dressing up…and of course she was the cutest Mary Poppins you ever did see!

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  • Kathy Solomon

    I love the pic of Lyla where she’s running and her feet aren’t even on the ground! what a fun night…and Lucca looks like Lyla so much in a few of the picsReplyCancel

I honestly can’t believe it is the last day of October and its Halloween!!  This month literally flew by for us.   Lyla turned 3 and we threw her a party… my sweetest 2nd baby turned 18 months a few days ago. My parents came to visit for 4 days which was glorious. I had them all to myself and they filled my love tank by finishing all my started projects. We traveled and captured 5 weddings in four weekends …drove to LA twice, and life was just all around too busy.  So, we are beyond happy to chill at home this weekend and celebrate Halloween with our girls.  And thankfully its been gorgeous weather here in the north state!!

We are definitely dressing up tonight, and there may or may not be fairies running around in the cutest little costumes. Im so looking forward to our very first “trick or treating” …I can only imagine how much fun Lyla is going to have getting candy for no good reason..no bribes… just free candy. And Lucca, well she will probably stay close by my side watching all the other kids run around.  She doesn’t just “trust” any one so knowing her, she will find her own little happy place and be her content little self that she is.

We’ve been spending our afternoons on our new porch and Im assuming this is just the beginning for photos being captured here. I took these yesterday and thought I’d save our “costume” pictures for next week!… Here are just a few from our afternoon hangout. Hope you all have a fun night!  Happy Halloween from all of us!!

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Its almost been exactly 7 whole years that I moved to Redding, and I can honestly say that my heart is finally here. Moving is tough. Atleast it was for me. I moved here for Brent, which at the time he was only my boyfriend..and the only person I knew. I guess you could say that I was following my emotions, and thought it was the best thing to do. But somehow I left my heart somewhere else. Yes, he definitely had a piece of it, but I left a huge part of it back in the only place I knew… the place I grew up, and lived for 25 years.  The only “home”  I knew,  the place of many firsts and so many memories.  My life was full,  so, leaving that place and home was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Not only did I say goodbye to my family and friends, but I said goodbye to the life I only knew. I didn’t know how to find a new one or even begin the process of how to build one.  I already had a family and tons of friends…so starting over wasn’t something I knew.  And that was hard. Living in a place of not being “known”, where I had no friends and no one knew my last name.  I was “Brent’s girlfriend” …which  I loved and hated all at the same time.
Fast forward 6 years. We are still here, with two kids,  a new last name, seasons have passed, memories have been made, friendships have been formed and love has grown.  Life is good and we are seeing the fruit after the storm. Im not going to lie and say that its perfect. I still miss my family like crazy, and not being able to do “daily” life with them is hard. But I’ve been able to see the good and honestly the blessings of living in Redding. I’ve come to realize no city is perfect and this one is especially hot in the summer… but it is simple and peaceful, and for now this is where my heart is and my family belongs.
Life is so short and Im learning to cherish every moment with them…the ones that are here and the ones I don’t see quite as often. I can’t say that this is where we will be forever,  but for now it is exactly where I want to be.




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  • Dede

    Nicely put. I learned in bible study this week, where you are, be all there. Not always easy but necessary ReplyCancel