And just like that… she turned three.  The day she was born, she stole my heart… and not once have I wanted it back.  Happy Happy three years my sweet Lyla. You are one of a kind!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Lyla last sunday. It was a sorta last minute party with friends and family. I didn’t have time to bake and decorate too much, but most importantly we got to celebrate Lyla. My parents came and it was really perfect.
Thank you for all of you that entered the giveaway last week. It was really fun to share and be a part of this blogging community.
We are headed out of town ( yes again!) for work… so enjoy your week / weekend! xo

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In 7 days my little Lyla turns 3!!!  Im so excited to celebrate her and I am so excited to be having a giveaway in honor of this special occasion. I asked a couple of my favorite “kid” shops, Cagedbirdblog & Dunlap love to donate in her name and Im thrilled to share these with you and hopefully one of your littles will be blessed this week also!  Please follow the prompts below to enter the giveaway !


Giveaway #1:   $15.00  Shop Credit from Cagedbirdblog

From Wyatte, the mama behind Birdcageblog:

I am a Mom of two darling babes, 11 and 2. Our sweetest baby Josephine was diagnosed with Autism at 14 months. Painting portraits became my “me time” activity and as the financial burden of having a child with special needs started to present itself, I decided to sell custom portraits to help offset some of our costs. Portraits soon segued into bracelets, and the shop blossomed from there. Each bracelet is made by hand, each bead hand painted, each tassel handmade. Each bracelet is truly one of a kind! We deeply appreciate each and every purchase. Thanks for your support!


Giveaway 2:   $35.00  Shop Credit from Dunlap Love

From Kaylyn, the mama behind Dunlap love:

I am a Jesus lover, wife, and mom to 3 who loves all things design and out of the box. God has given my family a mission to care for the orphan. We brought our son home from Uganda in 2013 and through Dunlap Love we help adoptive families bring their children home forever through softie fundraisers, support orphanages, and put personalized softies into the hands of children in orphanages around the world. All my products are made by me and each one of a kind. I love how God has been able to use my love of quirky toys for His Kingdom.

****Winner will be announce on Sunday, October 12th.   Good Luck xoxo
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Hi!! Im alive:) Well,  Life has been nothing short of boring lately and I apologize for the lack of blogging…I honestly miss it deeply. And soon, very soon I will be back in the swing of things, I promise. We have been non stop traveling almost every weekend to capture some very special weddings and trying to keep up on this thing called “life” .. And even though we are exhausted… we do love this season. Thankfully wedding season gives us a break after Thanksgiving for a couple months.  Last weekend was a double wedding weekend for us and we left our girls for 3 nights / 4 days… which is so hard!!   We took this (iphone) picture right before our 2nd wedding…so, please excuse our eye wrinkles…I blame the lack of sleep and hours of driving…
Life has been good and I’m really looking forward to jump back in to the normal routine of “blogging” I can usually do. Ever since we got home from our vacation to Hawaii… I’ve been (too) busy and actually have had a lot on my mind.   I have been wanting to write and share my heart… but I have been a bit guarded of what that could or should look like.    When writing on a “personal” blog that can be shared anywhere on the internet … it makes you ( and me ) think twice before hitting the “publish” button.  I’ve been known to have a few “drafts” pending now for awhile.  Although life has been so good to our family and the few health scares we had earlier this summer turned out to be nothing,   I have had to face some hard things.   Im not totally ready to share my heart and what I’ve been thinking about, but I can say that I keep leaning on the Lord and pushing through the “whys and unknowns”.  Life can be so good, so full of blessings and sometimes so challenging.   My friend Season has become one of my biggest inspirations,  Her son Kicker was diagnosed with Leukemia about 10 months ago.    If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you may remember sharing his picture and the garage sale/ fundraiser I had for him this past spring.  Anyways.. through this incredibly hard journey Season has been such a light in such dark places. Not only does she give her kids amazing care ( and food), she has been able to share her knowledge on Holistic health and nutrition and started a non-profit to help bring these things to chilidren fighting against cancer.  I have been wanting so badly to introduce her here, but want to honor her and also protect her family.   My heart behind saying this is to shed light on this subject, ask for prayer for Kicker and donate if you feel lead.  You can follow her blog here  and their new non profit The KICKcancER Foundation here.

On another note, Lyla turns 3 in two weeks and of course, Im not prepared. Thankfully I have a little bit of time and she doesn’t totally understand the whole “birthday” thing yet. Of course we are so so excited to celebrate her life… she is such a gift.

Hope you all have a great week…

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  • leah

    I just caught up on all of your recent blog posts. I love them all and love you, sister!!ReplyCancel

For couples who are all about style, there’s no better time to make a statement than on your big day! One of my favorite details on a wedding day is how the bride and groom are dressed.   There are tons and tons of choices to be made and so many details to think about.  Often it seems the groom’s attire gets put off until the very last minute….but you want your man to look his best too, right?! I remember when Brent and I got married.  We wanted him to wear Grey, be comfortable and yet classy at the same time. It was so hard finding the perfect outfit!   At the time (4 years ago), skinny ties were pretty popular, but Im happy to say that now, anything goes.  Its is all about you, your style, and adding color if needed.  Here’s to hoping that you get inspired and feel your best on your wedding day- or perhaps any other special day coming up.   Here are a few of my favorite bouts and bow ties…and of course my favorite groom. 

Once you have the shirt and suit picked out, the fun begins as you search for your perfect accessory . Thanks to creative etsy sellers and whimsical shops, there’s now an abundance of choices for your groom.  Here are e few of my favorite shops:
The Grunion Run // JB Handmades // Lolly Lu Designs

And if you decide to wear a bow tie for your big day.. hear is a easy “How to” to help along the way.

All Images were take by Brent Van Auken Photography (except for the one of us.)

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    I love you sister, and love reading your sweat little blogs!! Lets me into your life 9 hours away. xoReplyCancel

While in LA, we had the opportunity to work with Gymboree on the launch of their new line featuring “the world of Eric Carle”.  This limited line of play and sleep wear may be my new favorites for my girls and we are definitely set for fall with these adorable pieces.  This exclusive line was created to inspire kids to “play all day and dream all night”.  Made perfectly in both design and artwork. Reading to Lyla and Lucca may be one of my favorite things, so wearing the “Hungry Caterpillar” made it even better.   If your not sure who Eric Carle is, well he is the talented illustrator and author behind a series of children’s books .  Some of our favorites, are “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?”,  and “1,2,3 to the Zoo.”.. just to name a few.  What I love about the play wear pieces are not only are they so soft, which is a must for Lyla but quality in the fabric is really great!  Its still a little warm for long sleeves, but cool weather will be here before we know it.  Make sure you check out more of this line over at Gymboree!

Its been so nice to spend time with family this past week and we  head home this weekend after a wedding here in Palos Verdes.  It has been such a good trip and spent much needed quality time with family. Hope you all have a relaxing weekend. xo












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  • Marie

    Your girls are beautiful! Lyla is a mini-you. Love it.ReplyCancel