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Its hard to believe we are on the last day of the year. It is true that life seems to go faster with kids. We had a great year and I can only hope next year is better than the last.
Brent and I have been dreaming up new ideas, new plans, new dreams and the word to live by for the year. We want to be intentional with how we live and how we raise our kids. But before I share all that we have planned, here are a few memories from this past year.

1. In January, we bought a 1938 house and moved into it. This was our 6th move since we got married in 2010.
2. Brent turned 27, and celebrate in our new house a few days after moving in!
3. Lucca Faye was born on April 26th at 10:54 pm. Weighing 6 lbs 9 oz. My mom and Brent stood by my side. She came into this world perfectly.
4. We bought a 1971 VW bus. { this is Lyla’s Favorite }
5. We shot 20 weedings and got to travel to some really awesome places { San Francisco City Hall, Yosemite, Chico, Santa Cruz, Boston and some other beautiful places }
6. Lyla turned 2 in October
7. We bought a 1950’s house and moved Thanksgiving weekend. Making this move #7 and our #4 in our real estate venture.
8. I (re) started my Allthingsinspired Blog ( Thanks for the support!! )
9. I sent lots of time at my sisters house in Visalia during the summer.
10. I broke my big toe after falling when I was 35 weeks pregnant.

Im sure I can think of so many more…
Anyways, I hope you all have a fun night bringing in the new year with your favorite people!!

May you have the best year to come! xo

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