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When Casey, Kelli and Andrea announced their plans about linking up at the New Year and sharing their hopes, dreams, goals and “word” for the year, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to take part. These 3 women and their stories are a few of my favorites. Brent and I often dream and talk about how we want our days, months, and year to look like, so what better time to reflect, and share with others. If you want to link up here or with them, head over to any of their blogs and follow the prompts. What a fun way to find new blogs and share your heart!

This is my prompt I chose to follow and answer ( prompts are on their blogs) :

2. “Many people choose a word to reflect on, live by, or aspire to for the New Year. Let us know your word, how you decided upon it, and how you hope to incorporate it into 2014.”

2013 was a really good year for our family. Lucca Faye was born in April, We moved twice in January, then November, and we worked really hard growing our photography business (BVAPHOTO), along with my hairstyling and house rental business. And of course being self employed, came a lot of sacrifice. For me, It took some time to figure out the balance of two babies, I realized sitting at home was easier than running errands or getting coffee with friends with my babies in hand. I quickly realized two was a lot harder than one. And in sitting at home, there were days I felt so alone. So, Adventure has been calling my name. And along with my word for 2014 and the meaning of “Adventure”, I’m Believing that God knows best for the adventure I want to take. Yes, I am believing for a big adventure in my life. It is not that hard for Brent and I to do small adventurous things (especially since Im married to a dreamer), but I’ve been praying and thinking about doing a ministry school called Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry { BSSM } that is here in Redding. My heart was torn last September as I really wanted to go, but I knew it wasn’t my time or year to commit, Lucca and Lyla were my priority and I knew ultimately I wasn’t ready to leave them to do school. I knew I didn’t want to add any other commitments to my already busy life. But Brent and I feel like this could be the year. I want simple daily adventures with my family and girls, but I also want an adventure that could change my life. An adventure that will grow my relationship with the Lord, to take a risk and do something on my own. It will be scary, it will be a huge sacrifice, It will change me, it will change my family, and it will change our daily schedule, but I want so badly for an adventure like going to BSSM. So Im believing and trusting in the Lord for this. The time, finances, commitment, the risk of putting my introverted self out there, leaving my girls, and all that will go into this decision. The school year is from September-May. So I have a 8 months to pray, reflect, save and get ready for an adventure that could change my life forever.

I’d love to hear what your dreams, ideas and word is for 2014. Please link up and share !!

We took these pictures before our night out on NYE. We spent the evening at my sisters with their families! It was crazy and loud, but a great way to start the New Year. We celebrate and were home way before midnight!

My New Years Eve Outfit details : Jeans: Found at Forever 21 // Top: (a gift) 7forallmankind ( Spring collection not available yet ) // Ring found at Salvage Life ( Long Beach, Ca ) // Bow c/o JustBecause Handmades // Banner (a gift) “Believe” by Haus of Corrie

Congratulations to Jessica Wagner for winning the Noble Baby Mama Headbands! I will be emailing you soon!!

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