Its the little things

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My sister sent me (used) but amazing sandals in the mail today. No reason other than she saw them, thought of me, bought them and sent. She wasn’t even sure if they’d fit. It is definitely about the little things, isn’t it?!! My love language isn’t gifts, and actually I’m kinda terrible at buying gifts. I think it’s because if I were to buy a gift, I want to buy something with meaning. Something that reminds me of a certain someone…like she did. To me, it is way more fun and means so much. Like these shoes. She somehow knew id love them. and I do, I love them and can’t wait till Summer time.

What are the little things in your life that make you happy? I’d love to know!!

Im Linking up with Words about Waverly Blog. I love their “linkup” idea and logo “Its the little Things” made by Hello Tosha
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  • GIfts for no reason at all are the best kind to get! I love those fun sandals and your story behind them even more 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with Ashley and I and I hope you’ll continue to join us!!


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