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I get asked often how I do it with two kids, How do I spend my time at home? I sometimes ask myself that also…Im definitely no pro, and still learning daily. Every day seems to be different, Some days are hard, others like yesterday was easy. Keeping a two year old busy with crafts, while the other naps, makes my time more efficient and manageable. And blogging, with two kids, means staying up late. I don’t know if there is a right or wrong way with a two year old and 9 month old but as long as everyone eats, sleeps, dressed and happy, I feel like Im doing something right. I’ve been working on handmade Valentine cards, and since Im no graphic designer, I leave it to stamps and scrap paper. My mom sent the girls these shirts for Valentines day. The sun came out after 2 straight days of rain, so we spent some time outside, eating some homemade “sprinkles” and dreaming up ideas for Friday. Any fun plans for your Valentines day? We may be spending it at home with our little loves, but maybe just maybe we’ll get lucky enough to get away for the night.

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