Omni Potent Duosity // A Hair Conditioning Treatment

As a hair stylist, I see tons and tons of hair products everyday.  The choices are endless!   From different brands, to different styling products, to different tools it can be very overwhelming for all of us.  If you know me, Im actually not one to use more than 3 different styling products on my hair at a time.  Hair is like an accessory.   You typically don’t want to over do it on one day!

As a hair professional, one of the things that is so important to me while doing my client’s hair is keeping it in the best condition. Making sure that it is healthy and happy, and keeping it that way is something that Im really truly passion about.   Maintaining hair in its healthy state isn’t always the easiest, especially if you are like me and style it daily and color it often. You have to make sure that you are taking care of it properly. I lighten/color my hair about every 5-6 weeks and typically curl it or  use a flat iron on it daily. Plus, I love being outdoors, so it gets lots of sun! Because of my lifestyle and hair routines, I can’t tell you how important it is for me to use a 3-5 minute repairing treatment on my hair 2 times a week. Take note, I do wash it daily because I love super clean hair.

Let me introduce my current favorite conditioning treatment :

OmniPotent Duosity by Allthingsinspired.comPin It

“omniPOTENT was created to treat damaged hair differently, addressing all the ways we damage our hair – whether through daily wear and tear, chemical processes like bleaching & straightening, or styling with heat tools, teasing and blow dryers. Duosity is the exclusive two-phase repairing treatment – one side contains protein and amino acids while the other has an active balancing concentrate and healing extracts such as rosemary. The two parts dispense at the same time, then you mix them into this light, amazingly airy foam that both repairs damage and strengthens to prevent against future damage. It’s like your own little chemistry experiment, and hair is left more manageable, healthier and stronger.”

OmniPotent Duosity by Allthingsinspired.comPin It Omni Potent  leaves hair  Stronger,  Healthier,  Softer and  Prettier.   With Summer approaching, the sun getting stronger and  my hair getting blonder.  This product is a must.

OmniPotent Duosity by Allthingsinspired.comPin It

OmniPotent Duosity by Allthingsinspired.comPin It
Duosity is FREE  from all parabens, gluten, salt, sulfates and is never tested on animals. Duosity does have an ingrediant that has ‘sulfate’ in its name however, Behentrimonium Methosulfate is not a sulfate in terms of the typical ingrediants in other hair products, which are Anionic Surfactants. Rather it is cationic quaternized fatty acid material built for depositing conditioning agents not removing like typical sulfates.

To learn more, please check out their website here: OmnipotentHair
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