DreamingPin It Following your dreams. One of my current favorite topics.   My friend Melody lives in our backyard…in our cute little studio that we call Studio Gold.  Its a gem, and so is she.  God blessed my life when she came into our world a few months ago.  She was a instant friend to me, to Brent and my girls.
We are both so busy and you would think we would see each other everyday, but we don’t. Thank fully we get to spend tuesday nights together. She is one of the most positive, encouraging people I know and I hope she never leaves studio Gold.
Brent and I actually just offered her a job ( not that we were hiring ) but we want to see her live out her dreams, and to be used to her fullest potential.
She is the person that you want on your team, always. Because even if you were loosing or not doing so great, you are winning in her mind! Yes, she is that positive and so full of Joy.

Following your dreams, or even knowing what that “dream” is can be a process…and can sometimes feel like a far off distant place. Something that has helped me follow a dream, and the “process” is thinking and taking  step one.  A step to help place me in the direction of that dream. This could be so many things. It could be finding a person that is doing the same dream…and connecting with them. It could be starting a journal of ideas.  Maybe Reading a book to learn more about this idea or dream. Even saving $5.00 a month to start the process of reaching a goal or your dream.

One of my dreams was to have this space, a place in this big internet world. (yes this blog was and is still a dream) I was so attracted to “bloggers” and the idea of a blog… the idea of creating my own blog was something I wanted. I ofter hear this from friends. That they would love to start a blog… but have no idea where to begin. I don’t even know why I wanted to have a blog, other than to document our life through pictures, and maybe share some feelings, thoughts and hopefully connect with others. I never want to forget today, our memories ..and my sweet little girls.

Brent was a huge encourager and believer in my dream and sometimes all you need is one person to say “You can do it”…” If you never try, you will never know”. It can be a scary place, that dream of yours… A place of putting your self “out” there… having high expectations and then the unknown…the idea of failing can be so terrifying.

I would love to hear your dreams, your heart… your ideas. I’d love to connect and be that person to encourage you. This life we live is so short. So now is your chance! Dream Big… the world has room … Dock in Lake TahoePin It

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