Are you a coupon-er?

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There are a few words that could describe myself as when it comes to being a mom and “home maker”.  I’m organized, a multi-taker, a laundry-doer, bed-maker, recycler…  But there is one thing I WISH I could say I was…a couponer.  Yes, I have the Target Debit card to get my 5% off, and the Cartwheel app to go along with that. And yes, I have the Just For You app from Safeway and the Starbucks app for discounts but what happened to good ole’ paper coupons? There are tons of blogs that post about this type of thing, but it is not all that interesting to me. Are you surprised?   I mean I like to save money, buy food, eat and get a hole punched on my “buy 10 get 1 free” coffee card .. but I have never gotten in the routine of going through the Sunday paper to cut out the money saving coupons {which by the way, we don’t get}   But I recently came across! Easy peasy. I was a bit shocked that there are even a few Organic Coupons in the Baby and Toddler Section. And who doesn’t love a discount to Nordstroms… Yes please. Oh, and if you have been procrastinating about Fathers day (which is Sunday!) you can get more ideas here. I think possibly soon I may be able to call myself a couponer! Oh an maybe just maybe soon I’ll be able to call myself a meal planner. But one thing at a time.

Organizing and Couponing are like peas and carrots… not all that much fun, but ohh so good for you.
If you would like more help on organizing your coupons there is a really great blog post on how to creatively organize your monthly Coupons over on

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  • Yes! I am – er was – a couponer! Catchy title:) I hardcore couponed for about 2 years…In my first year, I saved $6000 (of course, I kept a spreadsheet- ha!) and donated tons to the homeless shelter. It was like playing a game; figuring out how to get everything for free. Once I felt like I had mastered it and it started to take over my free time, I finally got out of it. Now I only just use coupons on my normal shopping instead of trying to play the game. As a good starter, I love dealseekingmom & her coupon database. She’ll post the best deals at CVS/Walgreens/Etc. each week and you can use the database to see if there are any coupons for the things that are normally on your shopping list (which goes great with your meal planning goal!). Goodluck:)ReplyCancel

    • Rachel

      Holy Moly! $6000?! Thats crazy.. I hope I can save $50/ year…:) thanks for the tips!!ReplyCancel

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