Joy Bound

Im so excited to be sharing an amazing company with you. A company that is going after true beauty and a life full of joy.

“Outer beauty comes about by chance. It takes no special talent or sacrifice. One shouldn’t feel pride over such appearances. Inner beauty, That is something to be proud of. Something that can be created, something to fight for and go after. When this beauty is real, it radiates out of the eyes. It gives a glow. This is beauty in its best form. Beauty on purpose. Strive for that! Seek joy in all you do. Share that joy with others. In turn, a beauty from within will form that no one can ignore. Here’s to real beauty and living a joy bound life.- Joy Bound Apparel. LP7A7467Pin It LP7A7469Pin It
LP7A7445Pin It LP7A7448Pin It LP7A7455Pin It IMG_7494Pin It IMG_7502Pin It LP7A7470Pin It LP7A7472Pin It LP7A7491Pin It LP7A7499Pin It Lyla’s Bow c/o JB Handmades
My Top c/o JoyBound apparel – encouraging beauty from within.

JoyBound Apparel provides comfortable, chic and affordable clothing but most importantly, encourages its wearers to seek joy in everything they do. With an attitude of optimism in everyday decisions and a sense of accountability for the direction our lives go in, each of us holds the power over our own happiness. Express yourself and your own mission in life by wearing JoyBound Apparel – A fun lifestyle brand meant only for those who want to grab life by the horns and decide to choose joy!
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Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! xo

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