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Sometimes it takes so much effort and really being intentional to stop and enjoy the little things in life. Especially being a mom. I get so busy with work, laundry, emails, cleaning up after myself {and everyone else that lives here}, working on blog posts…you know the usual. I sometimes can not wait for 7:30 to roll around for bedtime. But honestly my favorite is when I crawl in bed with this one. She asks for a book, and then says “read again” … I hesitate because Im tired but I never want to miss these moments so I say “Yes! Of Course” She loves it and its important. She loves to listen to me pray and then we talk. Not about anything really.. just about all the little thoughts inside her head. Usually its about Lucca going nigh nigh, or swimming with ms. Alice, or her friends and cousins and always about our friend Melody that lives in the back studio. I ask her if she wants to go give daddy a kiss and her face lights up…Im pretty sure if she knew what a best friend is, it would be him. She adores him.

Lyla, lately it seems like you are getting way to old and saying too big of words. Brent and I often look at you and can’t believe it. You were given to us and you are such a gift. You are so independent ( like me ) and so social (like your daddy) and you love to laugh and have fun. And your blonde hair and dimples! You are beautiful. I pray that your strong spirit will always stay strong. That whether you lead or follow, you always know your value and place in this world. You are becoming so brave and yet still so innocent and we are always so proud of you.
Lyla, I love you today, I loved you yesterday and always will.

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