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Okay, how amazing are these new lunch boxes? The first and only lunch box that stores hot and cold food -making it easy to pack nutritious and delicious lunch options! Sending your kids to school in style with healthy & yummy food is every moms dream! The simple, clean and modern look is simply amazing. ONE LITTLE BOX … ENDLESS MEAL POSSIBILITES!!! A perfect solution for food on the go.

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Moms and dad make, on average, 180 lunches per child each year.  Parents are on a mission to pack a variety of nutritious lunches.  And it’s no easy task!   Much to their dismay these carefully packed lunches come back uneaten or as a big heap of unidentifiable leftovers.  Warm, unwrapped cheese sticks.  Half-eaten mushy sandwiches.  Squished strawberries that have drained into their child’s back pack.
There’s nothing simple about a child’s lunch.  Which is exactly why we set out to design a lunchbox that  protects all the hard work and love that mom and dad put in.  So when your child opens their lunch,  it’s exactly as you intended it to be – fun, healthy, and filled with love.
OmieBox makes it easy to pack their favorite meals.  Add healthy soups & pastas to their lunch so you can nourish their growing bodies.  The insulated bowl keeps food warm (or cold) until lunchtime, while the leak-proof compartments keep food separate and mess free.  Lunches taste good and look good, so kids are more likely to eat it!!

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Small, versatile and tough,  OmieBox will be your child’s trusty companion for years to come. They are made with BPA free materials and put through  strict testing to make sure they are safe!  Simple and easy to use, OmieBox makes every lunch perfect for your kid’s favorite meals.  CHECK OUT THEIR SWEET VIDEO HERE.

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From the founder, Nancy Yen
“I want to start off first by saying thank you to all those who have supported and believed in OmieBox. We couldn’t have made it this far without you! I wanted to share my experience being a mommy with you because as we all know, motherhood doesn’t come with a book full of advice! When my son Brad started pre-school, I quickly found out how difficult it was to pack healthy lunches that he’d actually eat. Day after day, Brad would come home with a lunchbox full of untouched food. So much food went to waste! That’s when I realized I had to take matters into my own hands. Shortly after, I set out to create a lunchbox that could store hot and cold food! I knew that warm meals would be more popular with my son and packing healthy lunches would actually become an option. OmieBox brings to life all my visions of health and ease for my children. As parents, we want to be there for our children at all times but know that it’s not always possible! OmieBox makes it easy for children to open and use all on their own. Health and happiness are so important for a child’s development. I knew that if there was something I could do to make sure these things were present during lunch time, I had to make it happen! We are so excited to kick off in July and are so grateful for all the love, see you then!”

Be sure and check them out on Kickstarter  & help spread the word!

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