Lately with Lyla

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Am I really a mom of a (almost) three year old? It is crazy and scary and I almost can’t believe it. I have one more month to enjoy her as my little two year old. I often look at her and listen to the things she says and does and it is almost as if “I” raised her.  How did she turn out so much like me but in a little 2 year old body.   She is independent (too independent if you ask me), she only wants to snuggle if its her idea. She is strong-willed, brave, very social, loves to “hang out”,   She isn’t scared of new things and warms up to new people pretty quickly.  She is silly and loves to sing ( not sure where that came from ) oh and she told me today that she wants to go to school. Which I loved school.. but she doesn’t know what that is except that some of her friends go there. I could have cried; as if I were dropping her off for her first day of school. Thankfully, we don’t have to do that for 2 maybe 3 years because of her birth date and the “school cut off dates”. I often think about her future… not just about what she will do for a career or who she will marry but the choices she will make. I already pray that she is more like her daddy when she enters into the “teenage” years.  I pray that I know how to steer her in the direction of making really really wise decisions.
I knew that parenthood would be hard and fun and full of blessings but I did not realize how much you need to get to know each child individually at such a young age.  I realize more and more each day how much my girls need me. When they are sad, mad, hurt, bored, hungry, tired, and especially if they just need to be held and loved.  Lyla also told me for the first time she was sad. Im not sure which cartoon she learned that from, but its starting. The realization of her own feelings and how to express them.  The “tantrums are a little less” and we can actually have real conversations.  It is  precious and I love getting to know who she is becoming.   Im so thankful that she is just turning 3…we aren’t ready for the “real world” yet and I am happy she is entertained by Strawberry shortcake and Princess Sophia, climbing trees and swimming for hours.  My little Lyla… you are such a gift. I know you wont be little forever.. but you will always be one of my babies.  You my precious are beautiful.

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