Kid + Kind

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This one kills me lately.  She is becoming quite the entertainer and it is obvious she loves to giggle and sing. She usually isn’t a big fan of me taking her picture but with a small bribe  (yes…gum ) she was all for it.  Im hoping (and praying) the older she gets, the more she will learn to love and appreciate me capturing her… haha, we shall see…wishful thinking, I know!

Her hair is finally getting long enough for me to put it up in a top knot/ messy bun.  She loves it and the feeling of being “free”.  And anything comfy and cozy are her first choice with clothes.   Our new kid + kind shirts are amazing. Not only are they cute, they are really so cozy and soft.  Lyla really doesn’t care yet about being “girly” but opts for comfort, always.   This outfit was definitely her choice… (usually, first choice is to be naked) …but if she has to wear clothes… a tee-shirt and bloomers is her perfect pair.  I apologize for the overload of pictures but I couldn’t choose my favorite “look” of hers.  Full of personality, this one. She is so silly.

If you have never heard of Kid + Kind,  it may because they are pretty new to the world.  Jackie, a mom and designer launched Kid and Kind 3 months ago. I almost can’t believe it has only been 3 months. I was lucky enough to have stumbled across her site and loved her playful designs.  I love clothes that are unique, creative and fun and really expresses character. I mean, “Bananas” all day… yes, welcome to our life with a 15 month old and a 3 year old. It pretty much is “bananas” all day. Im not sure how mom’s of 3 or 4 do life. Life is so busy with 2 little kiddos.  Anyways, Im pretty excited about Kid + Kind and her newest pieces. If you want to check out her online shop… You can find her on Instagram and Facebook. oh.. Im hoping to get Lyla the “Happy” pullover for her upcoming birthday.

I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing Labor day. We are off to LA early tomorrow morning and Im really looking forward to spending lots of quality time with family….hope  you all enjoy your week!! xo

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