Lucca Faye. 22 Months.

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My sweet Lucca is 22 months. It occurred to me that I will soon have a two year old and a three year old. I never want to forget these moments and times of them discovering new things and learning new words. The truth is, I will forget, and new things will be discovered. I feel so blessed to be with my girls almost everyday during the week. To be able to capture these moments and to have these pictures that will be ours forever to look back on. My sweet Lucca, You are still the sweetest and growing so fast. You can keep up with your sister pretty good, but still content to be next to my side and in my arms. You are hesitant to try new things and meet new people but willing to try and I love that. You are brave and your baby steps into this big world is amazing to watch. Your heart is precious and I will always try to protect you. You are silly and I love watching you laugh and play and be yourself. You bring me so much joy and I am blessed to be your mom. I want more and more to spend my time with you. I pray that you are always confident in who you are made to be, because you my girl are beautiful and perfectly made. I love you my sweet girl. love, your mama.


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