February { In pictures }

February. My month was full, fuller than usual and filled with so much emotion. If you follow me on instagram or facebook you probably saw something about an auction for Kylie , my biopsy and a weekend getaway to Bend, Oregon. It was filled with ups and downs and gave me new perspectives on life. Im learning and growing right along side my girls and finding myself wanting to spend more time with them, and less time doing other “things”. I feel like my world has been rocked by this instagram auction and going through yet another lump scare. Which by the way, turns out to be only a fibroadenoma mass. Which will never turn cancerous. Praise Jesus.  Im a bit late on doing my “monthly” recap for February, but Im committed to doing it this year…We honestly have been so busy with the auction, every time I sit, I end up working on that. My sisters and I hosted it, and we are hoping by the end to have raised close to $18,000.  Im still in awe of the power behind social media, and the amount of generous people in the world. The point of it all was to bless a family that just lost their baby girl after a long and hard battle with cancer.  I hope that my life always reflects generosity in some form and to leave a legacy of doing just that.  I don’t have much time for volunteer work, but I could take a guess and say that it took a full month and lots of hours volunteering my time for this auction. – I’m not complaining at all…it actually taught me more than I ever thought it would. And I ended up talking to my sisters way more than I usually do. ( win win)

Did you all celebrate Valentines day? The day pretty much came and went over here, Brent was out of town at a motorcycle show, so I spent the day my girls. We didn’t do any thing extra special…just played and missed Brent while he was away. It’s a good thing they were not expecting any thing and neither was I.  We did get away to Bend, Oregon for the weekend after with friends and had an amazing time. It is a gorgeous little city and we will definitely be back. Anyone else been there and love it?  It might be Brent’s favorite… and I’m not sure there is enough sun for me.

February was full and good and over and over I am reminded daily how thankful I am for our health, our family and friends. This life here is short and so very precious.

Here are some of our daily moments captured. Pin It IMG_2034-2Pin It IMG_1402-2Pin It LP7A8616Pin It
IMG_1313 (1)-2Pin It Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPin It IMG_7304-2Pin It IMG_1545-2Pin It Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetPin It IMG_1433 (1)-2Pin It IMG_1607-2Pin It IMG_1876-2Pin It IMG_1889-2Pin It Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetPin It Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetPin It IMG_2054-2Pin It
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