March {in pictures}

A week late, but I’m here.  March, a {unpredicted} personal month for me. No blogging (except for on photography site which you can see here at bvaphoto) and not a lot of social media action happened from me. My mom came to Redding for 6 days. After lots of painting and shopping, we drove to L.A together & I got to spend 10 days at home;  my childhood home; my home away from my home. I spent everyday with either my mom, or one of my sisters and everyday my kids in tow. It was beautiful and a much needed thing. I missed blogging, but it was a nice break. Days go by fast and I’m not about to miss precious moments when it is daylight and when the sun is shinning bright. I’ve finally reached a point with being okay with the lack of silence on social media when my time is well spent away from the computer and my phone.

Some other recent things in March, I spent a day with the girls who started the KICKcancER Movement. My college friend Season started this non profit, and I’ve learned so much from them and how not to take my life, health and relationships for granted. Because, it can easily happen and we need to be aware that all those things are what truly matter.
Lucca is 16 days shy of turning 2!!! I can not believe that. My baby… 2?! Lyla (3.5) asks to go to school or ballet daily. She is growing and learning new words and how to express herself. She told me that ‘she was nervous’ about saying hi to someone and I honestly couldn’t believe that she knew what she meant and how to explain her emotions. My babies are growing and like every mama out there, I wish I could freeze time.  I carry their little hearts in mine and I never knew how much I would cherish being a mom. I’m looking forward to hopefully having another one and have began to pray for that and trusting the Lord on His perfect timing.

My parents celebrated 40 years of marriage and the end of March and Brent & I just celebrated 5 years on April 3rd!! I’m falling more in love with my husband each day. I love walking beside him and learning to enjoy and live our dreams together.
Here are some recent pictures from March.

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