April {In pictures}

My favorite month. So many things we got to celebrate. Brent and I celebrate our 5 year anniversary. It was my birthday and my baby turned two!
We spent the morning of our anniversary together at a cute little breakfast place here in Redding called From the Hearth. They have the best pastries and I love their homemade granola. Going out for breakfast is one of my favorite things to do, and such a treat since I don’t do it often enough with kids around. It was just the two of us and really nice to spend that time together. I didn’t do any traveling this month and spent lots of time at home. This is what seems to make my heart so full these days as I am relishing and savoring my littles ones being the ages they are. Lucca turned two and I can’t hardly believe it. Talking and laughing and becoming another silly little girl. We threw a mini party for her with some girls friends and tried to not make too big of deal about it for her sake. She doesn’t love too much attention on herself and I didn’t want to overwhelm her. Her life is precious and it was really fun to celebrate her.  It was my birthday on the 17th and I got to spend the afternoon with friends at one of my favorite lunch places. It is weird turning another year older, although I feel the same,  I don’t love saying I’m another year older. My family &  friends spoiled me with gifts in the mail, flowers and some wonderful presents. It was truly an amazing month and of course I’ve been wishing for time to slow down.

I hope you all day a great month too. Here are a few of our favorite days and memories captured…
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