Summer. 2015

I love Summer. It is definitely my favorite season and it has been 90 degrees and glorious. Despite our drought, we have a pool and it is the best way to keep us cool and entertained.  I can’t believe its June 1st and well… we are 6 months into 2015. I’m still here,  missing not blogging as often as before, but yet enjoying the time with the girls, traveling with Brent and not adding extra to-do’s on my plate. It is definitely bitter sweet, but I am being brave by saying, turning off social media and the computer is actually refreshing. There are moments of feeling like I could be missing out but, I know that I’m gaining more time with my girls. Which in this season with my little babes being so young, I want to soak them all up.  We are in full force wedding season, which means 4-5 weddings per month.  It is a blessing to know that our business is thriving, and we have a full year ahead of us. We enjoy our Monday- Friday at home and really love the freedom our jobs give us.

I recently bought these popsicle molds and it may have been the best idea I ever had.  As you know, I love smoothies and make green smoothies almost daily for my girls. Now with the leftovers they have popsicles (aka ice cream )!!! Seriously, I can’t believe I just found these.
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I took these pictures last week as we were playing outside.  I haven’t taken “portraits” of my girls in a while.. so here are a few of Lyla at three and a half. She actually does not love the camera, but atleast she understands that I’m trying to capture memories of her and Lucca. Lyla, you are such a blessing and full of joy. You are so fun to be with and you love life.  I often look at you and am in awe that you are ours.  You are one of a kind and such a gift.  Maybe one day it will soak in.

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