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LP7A9136Pin It As much as I can not  believe Christmas is Friday, I really can’t believe that it is almost 2016.  My heart is really full this year and I am enjoying spending some quiet time before the rush of the weekend. Are you all ready?  It  is such a special time  and best season of the year and so much of it can be missed during the hustle and bustle.

We had some unexpected news this past Sunday when my grandma didn’t wake up from her nap. She had a heart attack while sleeping and that was it. After 24 hours, she was gone.  There is so much sadness that comes with saying goodbye, but in this case, there is so much joy and hope too that mirrors the grief. . Joy knowing she is with our Lord and Saviour. Joy knowing that she is reunited with the ones that have gone before her, including my sweet grandpa and her beloved Wilbur. Joy and hope knowing we will see her again.  I can’t stop thinking of the memories at her house.  How every Sunday after church we literally walk across the street to her house and every spring we would go pick the oranges from their tree. My grandparents were loved so much and I can’t help be so thankful for the family they gave me. The memories they left, the example they lead as a married couple and Christ followers.  They loved Jesus. They were the best and I am so blessed to have had them around for so long in my life.

We head down to be with family on Christmas day and then I’ll be spending a few weeks at my parents house after the funeral. I’m so looking forward to quality time with my family and some southern California sun.

We took these pictures in Redding during Thanksgiving weekend and although it was a quick little shoot, I love them and they have become my favorite images for this season we are in. Life is fragile and so special and I love having these moments captured of our family. Lyla and Lucca are the sweetest sisters. Lucca (2.5) is talking up a storm and loves following her sis around. And Lyla… who is now a big 4 year old is still the sweetest and exactly like her daddy; Creative and funny and loves to be around a lot of people often.

We wish you a merry Christmas. May your hearts be full of love and joy and peace this holiday season. xo

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