Good Bye 2016, Hello New Year!

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Happy NEW Year!

Wow, 2017, I am so ready for you! 2016 was not a bad year for us and actually was full of amazing things, but once again we faced transition and lots of life learning lessons. We spent most of 2016 (Jan-Oct) living in beautiful Bend, Oregon. We loved it, well, we loved almost everything. The people, the food, the gorgeous outdoors, the fresh air and had a fun year meeting a lot of new people. We also worked really hard on both of our new careers, Spoken Moto and Lularoe. Brent worked many hours pouring his heart and soul into “Spoken” and learned a whole lot from that experience. And I spent most of my days working online selling Lularoe clothing and hanging at home with Lyla and Lucca. (Here is where you can find my Lularoe shop online, if you are interested in learning more about what I do 😉 )
Here is a quick recap of our last year…

Last Christmas my Grandma Pearl went to be with Jesus. She lived a long beautiful life and my life has been richly blessed because of her. I loved spending Christmas and a few weeks in January being with my family down in Southern California.   Lyla, Lucca and I flew back to Bend just in time for Brent’s birthday!  Brent turned 30 in January and of course we had a house full of new friends and celebrated his birthday with a party!

In April, the last of the snow fell and was gone was gone by May ( …and I couldn’t wait for Summer!)   It was fun to experience the snow for one winter, but I knew that one winter was good enough for me!! Lucca turned 3 and we celebrated at home with cake and presents and I turned 35 and spent the weekend exploring Portland with Brent.

In August, we (finally) found out we were expecting after trying for one year and 9 months. – And let me tell you, I am over the moon excited and can’t wait to meet our 3rd baby girl in April. I definitely learned patience month after month of trying and I really feel so blessed to get to experience carrying another baby. I love everything about being pregnant!

Finding out we were expecting stirred my heart once again and I longed to be closer to my family in southern Ca. Bend was just too far. And with other things that helped us make the decision to move, we headed back to California in October.  We spent most of October with my parents in LA. And moved back to Redding Nov. 1st.

Lyla turned 5 in October and did one month of preschool in Bend. She loved it and can’t wait to start school next week!! The girls get along so well and I’m so blessed to watch their friendship grow. I truly love having them with me most of my days. Thankfully they have been such troopers as Brent and I dream and take risks and move from one place to another

Brent and I are grateful for our experience and adventure in moving to Bend, and in so many ways we miss that beautiful town and the friendships that we made, BUT we are excited and hopeful for our next season. We are not sure what is next, or what opportunities lie in front of us but we know that God has a plan and trusting him for guidance.

My prayer and hope for 2017 is that we feel at home and settle into the next place God has us. Always remembering to choose joy and love. Cheers to new adventures! xo

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    Loved your Christmas letter! God’s blessings on you all this new year! We love you guys!ReplyCancel

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