off to school…

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This week my sweet Lyla went off to school. She started pre school in Bend last September, but it was very short lived since we moved in October. So, on Tuesday she started T-K at a very sweet small school from 8-2. Its been two days and she is loving it. I, of course am missing her like crazy and the our home is very quiet. And Lucca definitely misses her sis but loves being with me all day long…and I’m not sure she will ever want to leave me (which I’m totally okay with for now). I knew Lyla would love school and I feel excited for her as she makes tiny steps into this big world. She’s brave, and confident, She’s outgoing, & loves people and has been fine away from home for those 6 hours. I always wondered how parents let go as their children grow, but I realized today that its not fully letting go, but actually giving trust to the decisions you make and trusting others to love and protect your children. It has been a good week but definitely looking forward to the weekend!

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