Liv Monet | 9 months

Didn’t I just give birth? Liv just turned 9 months. Holy moly…What?! I know everyone says it, but time really is flying by. And now… here she is, eating real food. Avocados, Bananas, Black beans, Peas, Plums and Sweet potatoes to be exact. She is doing so good and loving this whole food thing.

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She is just so sweet and has been such a easy baby since day one and gives me baby fever all over again! Ugh!!! If only I could guarantee full nights of sleep I think I’d be all in! Anyone else have babies that NEVER sleep all night till one years old? Or is it just us?? Anyways, I’ll count it all as a blessing and just drink more coffee until then.

We are all just over the moon for our baby girl.

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