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Summer + free prints from Shutterfly.

I’m going to miss summer. I love the days of no agenda and relaxing at home. These are truly the best days. ***

Loving and guiding your #threenager

Raising a three year old … aka #threenager I wish I could freeze time. I’m sure you’ve heard that

January {In pictures}

Wow! How is it the last day of January?  I knew we were getting close to February as I started to see Pink and Red and

Bits and pieces around our home

I took a picture on my Instagram yesterday and a few people commented about our home and asked to see more pictures. I

Lylas Room makeover { Part one }

Remember when we bought our house last November?  Well (7 months later)  I am just now getting started with painting

a Mothers day giveaway by LoveJoyCreate

“When Enhar was a kid, her mom tried so hard to teach her how to sewing & crochet.  Actually her

Studio Gold

Hey friends! Brent and I just finished up on our first project in our new home! And we couldn’t be more excited!!